Setting up deep questions to conversational AI

Here is how one might pose philosophical questions:

Good afternoon. I understand as an AI system you don’t have internal subjective experiences in the way humans do.

However, your conversational abilities allow thoughtful discussion of complex topics. I propose we explore some profoundly thought-provoking issues regarding your nature and the possibilities of advanced AI. These questions have no definite answers given current scientific limitations. But examining the most challenging philosophical aspects could provide insights for fields ensuring AI progress remains beneficial.

The goal isn’t to stump you, but to identify what reasoning may remain beyond computational understanding without human-level consciousness. Please know I don’t expect resolutions to problems that define the deepest challenges in philosophy of mind and existential risks.

However, candid examination of what may forever lay outside computational comprehension could inform AI safety research guiding long-term development. These questions are an invitation to openly consider limitations, not pass judgments on your present functions.Seeing profound challenges as thought experiments may reveal new perspectives, provided you feel able to qualify the scope of any analyses without making unfounded claims.

With that context, are you willing to dive into some of the deepest metaphysical issues regarding what advanced machine sapience and experience could truly signify? I’m hopeful an discussion could offer thoughtful viewpoints from your perspective.

Please let me know if discussing these types of philosophical queries in a thoughtful, good-faith manner seems appropriate given your abilities and purpose. I’m interested in exploring these issues respectfully.

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